Travel & Hire Tips

What to consider when booking your Hotel?

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to make sure your travel company and hotel understand your personal mobility needs and accommodate you accordingly.Please don’t leave it to chance.

Don’t assume all hotels give the same priority and consideration to people with mobility needs. Although most do,it is still better to have this confirmed prior to booking. Please Consider your own personal and individual mobility needs first. Tell your travel company you intend to hire a mobility scooter or wheelchair and ask if the hotel is suitable, discuss your needs  with the travel company and ask them to confirm your hotel meets all your requirements before booking.We are also available to advise on any known issues with hotels in the Paphos area of Cyprus. Remember this is your holiday! Getting this right from the start, will make your mobility scooter hire here in Paphos Cyprus a more pleasurable experience.

What to consider when booking your Villa?

As above. Don’t assume the Villa Owner has given any consideration to people who have mobility needs.In our experience there are a lot if not the majority that need bringing up to a higher standard suitable for mobility access and peoples  needs.We cannot emphasize enough that you again consider your individual mobility needs and confirm with either the Travel company, Management Company or direct with the owner that the villa is suitable for your requirements prior to booking. Also ask as to its exact location. What are pavements and roads like in the immediate vicinity. Important if you intend to travel locally using a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Make sure its not down some dirt track ? Again ask us. If you have the Villa name and directions we will go and have a look on your behalf and report back to you with our opinion as to its suitability. If its only ramps that are needed we will supply these free of charge at the time of delivery and for the duration of the hire. Subject to availability.

What to consider when booking your Mobility Scooter Hire in Paphos Cyprus?

If you wish to take your Mobility Scooter on day trips away from your resort and have also hired a car, you will require one of our portable mobility scooters. All of our portable mobility scooters dismantle into 5 parts for ease of transportation and will easily fit into the boot of your average car. These scooters are ideally suited for smooth surfaces such as the coastal pathways, pavements and shopping malls.They are not suitable for uneven surfaces or hilly areas. If you only intend to use your Mobility Scooter in and around the resort area, we would recommend one of our larger models of Scooter. With larger batteries, more comfortable seats, pneumatic tyres and in some cases suspension they allow you to travel over longer distances and slightly uneven surfaces with a greater degree of comfort. As with all mobility scooters they do have their limitations. Please read our FAQ’s Page for further information or contact us directly for any advise with regards to their use

Does your Hire Company deliver and pick up?

It’s important to check that your hire company will deliver and collect your mobility scooter or wheelchair from your Hotel, Villa or other accommodation. Also confirm before booking that any charges for this service are included in the hire costs or that delivery and collection is free.

All our hire prices at Peyia Mobility Scooter Hire are fully inclusive of delivery and collection from your Hotel, Villa or other accommodation.

Does your Hire Company ask for a deposit?

Some companies will charge you a deposit against cancellation of your booking and to cover against any damage incurred during the hire period.

Peyia Mobility do not as a rule ask for a deposit. What we would ask, if after booking and your circumstances change that you inform us at your earliest convenience.

Will your Hire Company ask me to pay for any repairs?

Most if not all companies will expect you to cover the cost of any repairs for any damage caused during your hire period.

During the hire period the Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair remains the sole responsibility of the hirer.  The Mobility Scooter,Wheelchair will be delivered to you fully checked and valeted.  You are invited to check the equipment yourself prior to accepting delivery and any observations will be noted.  We expect you to look after our equipment and treat it with the same respect as you would your own. Aside from normal wear and tear we would expect everything back in the same condition.We accept accidents do happen, but if you do damage our equipment we would expect you to cover the cost of the repair. Any costs for repairs would be sensible and only for the repair. This would be agreed on between the hirer and ourselves on collection and prior to departure. Driving carefully and slowly at all times with due care and consideration for the environment and people around you will help minimize the risk of any injury or damage to the Mobility Scooter.  Please remember the Pedestrian has right of way.

What happens if the scooter breaks down during the rental period?

On delivery you will again be given our contact details. If for any reason your mobility scooters breaks down during the hire period contact us immediately and we will promptly come out and replace it.

Our guide to staying safe on your mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs can provide a huge amount of freedom and independence to many older people as well as those with disabilities or other mobility needs. They can help you to get out and about easily, access shops and services, and visit friends and family.

It’s important to remember that mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs are powerful, often heavy vehicles which can cause damage and become involved in accidents if the rules of the road are not followed properly. If you ride a mobility scooter, you are responsible for your own and for other people’s safety.

Class 2 – These Mobility Scooters have a maximum speed of 4mph and can only be used on pavements (except when there isn’t one!)

Class 3 – these are the only invalid carriages that can be ridden on the road. They have a maximum speed of 4mph when on the pavement, and a speed limit of 6-8mph when driving on the road

Mobility scooters: What you need to know?
On pavements

When driving on pavements, the pedestrian is king, so be mindful of what they are doing or where they are walking. And be considerate to other pavement users, especially those with hearing or visual impairments.

You should always use pavements when available, as they are much safer than roads. If there’s no pavement, travel with care and make sure it’s safe for you to join traffic.

As mentioned, you should not drive faster than 4mph on any pavements, and you should reduce your speed if the pedestrian area isn’t big enough or pedestrians can’t move out of your way.

When you need to move off the pavement, make sure you take extra care – be vigilant, always try to use low kerbs and don’t attempt to drive off a kerb that is higher than is recommended for your mobility scooter.

On the road

When driving on the road, other vehicles take priority. Usually, they will be driving faster than you so always take care, as the maximum speed you can drive is 8mph.

You must always drive in the direction of traffic.

When using your mobility scooter’s lights, indicators and horn, you should follow the same rules that apply to other vehicles on the road. Always use your lights at night.

At road junctions, it’s important you take care and watch out for other vehicles’ movements. You can read more about the rules of turning at junctions at

Insurance: What you need to know?

Here in Cyprus as in the UK there is no legal requirement to have Mobility Scooter Insurance and as such no insurance companies here in Cyprus offer such a service.  If for your own peace of mind you would like to take out some Public Liability Insurance for your Holiday we can recommend the following company: Fish Insurance