If you intend to take your own Mobility Scooter or hire one for your stay in any one of the Constantinou Bros Hotels, please carefully read their Hotel Rules & Regulations.

The chances are not even your travel company will inform you of this chain of hotels policy with regards to Mobility Scooters, either because they do not want you to know or they themselves are not aware, either way you will not know until it is to late. The Holiday reps are aware of this policy and will insist it is on the website,which it is. Only it is buried so deep you could almost say its covert. They will however if pressed arrange storage off site. This you may or may not find suitable depending on your individual mobility needs. Mobility scooters are not allowed past the entrance doors.

Please see below for the arrangements each of their individual Hotels are prepared to make.

Athena Beach & Athena Royal Beach. Both of these hotels also have a strict no mobility scooter policy, they do however have secure and suitable storage facilities, suitable being defined by your individual mobility needs.

The storage facility for both hotels is the same, it consists of a lock up you yourselves take the scooter to and from, which is approximately 100 yards from the entrance of both hotels. It is manned 24 hours a day by a security guard who will on request open the storage facility for you and will do the same on your return. There are charging points within the storage facility.

Asimina suites Hotel have no real suitable facilities for keeping or charging Mobility Scooters.

Their arrangements as of today are that on your daily leaving or arrival at the Hotel a porter will take or deliver your scooter to or from a lock up facility outside the hotel which i have been informed involves maneuvering it down some steps or step. This storage facility has no power supply to charge the scooter, charging has to take place outside where there is an external charging point in the car park which is fully exposed and not secure.

Pioneer Hotel is similar to the Asimina Suites Hotel except there is a storage facility although small within the Hotel. As above a porter will take and deliver the Scooter on your request. Once again there is no charging point within the storage facility and charging is done outside.

Hotel Rules & Regulations

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Casual clothing is acceptable in all public areas. Nevertheless topless, wet clothes or swimsuits are not allowed in any of the indoor public areas especially the lobby, bars or restaurants.Sportswear and shorts are allowed at breakfast and lunch.Smart casual clothes are required for dinner. Long trousers are required for the gentlemen. (Shorts are not allowed).No smoking in all indoor areasMobility Scooters are not permitted in the hotel premisesElectric or Manual Wheelchairs are permitted in the hotel premises