The Aliathon Holiday Village Hotel is one of the first hotels to look at if you have mobility issues and require a Mobility scooter or Wheelchair for your holiday in Cyprus. The Aliathon Holiday Village in Paphos is extremely well suited for less able bodied people with plenty of pathways and ramps making access to anywhere in the village easy when using Mobility scooters or Wheelchairs.All areas of the holiday village are wheelchair accessible and we do offer wheelchair friendly rooms; please contact our reservations department at for further information,or your Travel company. This massive, village-style complex packs in loads of sports and activities, a triple helping of restaurants, and a splash park. Oh, and quite possibly the biggest pool in Cyprus. The village has everything you could possibly want in one place, while the beach is only 5 minutes away and the picturesque harbour a pleasant 20 minute stroll or ride on your Mobility Scooter for something a little different.